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The Perfect Stay at Home Mom


My Idea of The “Perfect”  Accomplished Stay at Home Mom.

  1. Encourage by doing, a spirit filled soul.
  2. Encourage by doing, a well read mind.
  3. Made from scratch, organic, locally sourced, homegrown food for my family. Cooked with a carefully researched meal plan and love.
  4. A strong, communicative, loving, and connected relationship with my family.
  5. A home free of toxins… clothes, furniture, bedding, flooring, cleaning products , etc. all carefully selected to eliminate or at least minimize the poisons in my home.
  6. A well sourced, organized and spontaneous educational curriculum individualized to each child.
  7. An active life… hiking, biking, all around  experiencing outdoorsy.
  8. Be Clean and organized, not once a week, but every day, experiencing a pristine, well appointed home.
  9. Run a successful at home business.
  10. A beautiful, inspirational home filled with good smells and the sounds of happiness.
  11. More of an emphasis on my appearance, a little natural makeup, clothes I truly enjoy wearing, do something other than a ponytail. Even a little jewelry, *gasp*

Now the big question, is it possible to do all of this every day?

It seems like the answer should be yes, but really, do I know anyone like this?


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