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Why Not Do Everything?

“You can do anything, but not everything”

 David Allen

The quote above has always bothered me. Why can’t I do everything? I want to do everything, if I say to myself I can’t, then it’s done!  I’ve already decided…..I can’t.

“You can do everything and anything, once you decide you can.”

Bronwen Lee

I never set out to be a wife much less a Mom. I am a free spirit, routines and schedules do not sit well with me. Doing the same thing day after day is my idea of punishment. Cleaning is something I loath and don’t get me started on cooking.

I like to wake up and do something different everyday. My motto has always been “different is good”.

But I am a Mom and people depend on me. If I think about that too hard I just want to take a nap.

  • Children thrive on routines. Or so I’m told. We try routines, but it also requires a mom willing to “enforce” them. And well…
  • Cooking and Cleaning must be done everyday. Otherwise we get dirty and hungry. Ugh..I mean just ugh, every… single… day. 
  • Lets not forget homeschooling, while I am laid back to be sure, I like to know we got readin, ritin and rithmatic done.

My home is in chaos. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. I’m reacting to Motherhood instead of planning for it. Even the word planning gives me clammy hands.

But surely……surely there is way to have it all. Surely…there has to be or I think I’m just gonna give up and join the gypsies. Are there still gypsies…do the let you “join”?

So that is what this blog is for, a journey, an experiment, a lark, a dream, dare I say it… a plan.







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